Sharing my journey with eating disorder recovery and creating a safe space for yours.

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About Me.

I'm Emily Bashforth, a 21 year old writer from England. I have suffered with an eating disorder since the age of 12, and this site is my space to share my recovery journey, my favourite resources, the stories of fellow ED survivors and my opinions on world issues affecting eating disorders. I hope this space inspires or motivates your recovery, and provides reassurance that you aren't alone in your struggles. Enjoy and take a look around.

Helplines & Support.

You never have to fight your battles alone, and there is always support available and people willing to listen. Check out this page of links to charities and organisations who offer helplines for eating disorder sufferers. You can contact them via phone, web chat, email or social media.


My Journal

My latest blog posts on my own recovery journey and opinions on world issues affecting eating disorder sufferers

Resources I Love

Stuff to read, watch and listen to that has helped my recovery, from books, to podcasts, to movies and documentaries

People Who Inspire Me

Eating disorder warriors, body positive activists and celebrities to follow who inspire my recovery on a daily basis

In Conversation With

Interviews with fellow ED survivors on their illnesses and recovery to provide reassurance and education


Feel-Good Playlists

Music always makes me feel good and carries me through my bad days, visit this page for playlists to encourage your recovery

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